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We are a straightforward company, with a straightforward approach. All we do is put prescription lenses in your favorite eyeglasses, and sunglasses. We have direct access to labs that make prescription lenses which cut out the retail middle man to pass on the huge savings to you.

Every lens is custom made to your specific prescription. We have the expertise to handle difficult prescriptions that some large retailers are unable to process.

We are a company proud to be called, "Made in the USA."

We are here for all of your vision care needs.

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Reuse Your Frame
Scratched lenses? Extend the life of your frames you’ve already invested in over the years. Get new lenses and restore your frames to its glorious past. Our expertise is replacing lenses in your frame!
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Affordable Price
Unless you have vision insurance, buying lenses can be very costly. We offer competitive lens prices that eliminate all the in-between clutter to give you a clear and affordable pricing structure.
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Order From Home
Convenience is crucial in this day in age. Today, we can order just about anything from our computers, all online from home. Forget dealing with pushy salespeople who want you to buy a complete pair of eyeglasses.
Make it simple, and order from Today’s Optician.
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Our Mission
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We want to provide you with the very best service and quality to meet all of your vision care needs.
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We strive for excellence in every aspect of lab manufacturing, including final lens product accuracy and speedy turnaround time.
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We will give all our customers the needed support for an overall satisfying experience.
About Me
“Retailers can charge up to 70% more for the same services offered online from the convenience of your home."
"That is why I started Today’s Optician, because I saw the opportunity to extend the life of your frames with premium, and affordable quality lenses.”
Reuben Kuti

Owner & Founder

Reuben received his Opticianry Associates in Science Degree from Hillsborough Community College Tampa in 1994. He is licensed in the state of Florida. He has worked in the optical retail and lab industry for over 26 years with a strong background in all aspects of lab processing and manufacturing. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing his bass guitar.