designer frames

Get new lenses for your designer frames.

Your lenses got scratched in your designer Prada frame¹, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on another complete pair — Or, you’ve lost one lens from your beloved Versace frame¹.

No need to worry!  You can return it to its original state by ordering new lenses.  Here’s why it’s a good idea with Today’s Optician:

1.  Don’t waste time and money.  Optical shops markup frames and lenses.  Today’s Optician sells the same high quality affordable lenses without the price increase.

2.  Order the lenses you need all from home.  Select the lenses from our site, and we will either email you a free shipping label for you to mail us your frame, or we can ship you a secure box to your house.

3.  We can customize your lenses.  When we receive your frame, it is accurately traced, and the lenses are edged and cut to your specific frame to ensure a perfect fit.  Most eyeglasses today are mass produced, and not made to your specific vision care needs.

4.  We’ll take good care of your frames.  Our skilled Opticians will craft your new lenses with precision and expertise to make certain your lenses are as perfect as possible.

5.  We give you the power!  Re-lens that old pair of sunglasses you haven’t been able to wear with new reading glasses.  You can add Transitions™ — Blue Light Filtering, upgraded lens materials such as Hi-Index 1.67 — Digital Progressives without the hassle of pushy salespeople.


Today’s Optician lenses are custom-made to fit all types of frames¹.  Choose us for your re-lensing needs today!

¹ Exclusions apply.  Click here for frames that qualify for re-lensing.