clean your lenses

LEns care

How to care
for your lenses.

Lens Cleaning 101
We show you how to properly care for your new lenses.

Step 1

Use both hands to remove your glasses while pulling away from your face. Undue stress on the temples can weaken your frame.

Additional Tips to keep your lenses clean

Try to keep your glasses in a hard shell case. Cover your glasses at night before bed to keep off dust and debris from collecting on your lenses.

Step 2

There are many lens cleaners on the market today. We recommend using just warm water to rinse your lenses off.

Use an eyeglass case

Carry an eyeglass case with you wherever you go. Keep it in your car or at your desk to keep your glasses protected from dust, dirt and damage

Step 3

Always use a microfiber or soft cloth to dry off your lenses. Reuse this cloth by washing it in hot water and allowing it to air dry.

clean your frames

Clean your frames regularily with a microfiber cloth. Wipe down your frames when you clean your lenses because they can pick up dust too.

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