Shipping and Returns

Shipping & returnsManufacturing Timing From the time that we receive your frames at our lab, lens manufacturing is...

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Frame Specs

do your frames qualify? our frame specsWe replace lenses for many brand named frames: Chanel, Prada, Versace, Gucci,...

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Transitions Info

light intelligent lenses™ transitions lens infoToday's Optician offers lens replacement with Transitions™ optical...

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How it works

our process how it worksAn easier way to re-lens Don't let the eyewear industry decide when...

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Sunglass Color Guide

which lens color? Sunglass color guideSelecting a lens color can be challenging.  We recommend choosing a color with...

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Our Lenses

why today's optician? our lensesmaterials single vision lenses bifocal lenses computer lensesstandard progressives...

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