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Today’s Optician offers lens replacement with Transitions™ optical photochromic technology.  Get light intelligent lenses™ for UV and blue light protection.

Looking for lenses that adapt to light wherever you go?  Transitions™ are the perfect compliment for anyone with light sensitivity any day, and everyday.



  • Darker outdoors
  • Returns to clear faster than ever
  • Fully clear indoors
  • Exceptional photochromic performance
  • Available in Grey, Brown, and Graphite Green.


  • Extra dark outdoors
  • Will darken inside the car
  • Blocks 100% of UV light, and helps protect against harmful blue light
  • Available in Grey, Brown, and Graphite Green.


  • Glare reduction outdoors
  • First lens to both darken and polarize light
  • Virtually clear indoors with a hint of protective tint
  • Sharper and crisper vision outdoors
  • Available in Grey

Pick your color, choose your style

Personalize your existing frames with a pop of color.  Available in a choice of 4 vibrant new style colors.







Note: When ordering Style Colors, please select Transitions™  Signature GREY, then indicate color choice in contact form before placing order.


Experience Transitions™ lenses today!

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